Importance of understanding the essence of virtual money

Bitcoins are increasing its popularity as a virtual money

Everyone speaks about bitcoins, everywhere and a lot, but now we want to talk about bitcoins as real cash for which you can make purchases. Now suppose you bought bitcoins and you have treasured coins in your wallet and you want to use them not only as savings capital but also for their intended purpose.

The costs

The cost of cryptocurrency is growing every day as the hype around it. Today, one of the most successful types of cryptocurrency – Bitcoin is worth 11,540 USD. And it reached its maximum in the middle of December 2017 – 19,000 USD. While some refute and call Bitcoin a bubble, others actively use it.

  • We will not affect e-wallets like capital88  exchangers and points, but look at the real goods that can be bought for bitcoins. After all, money is money only when with their help you can buy something worthwhile. It is believed that the very first purchase for Bitcoins occurred in 2010. Then someone purchased for two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins. The same purchase went down in history as the most unsuccessful transaction with cryptocurrency. He had to scour the forums in order to exchange bitcoins for food. And now payments have become automated, and the number of goods and services available for purchase has increased many times.
  • We have collected information about U.S.A companies that accept payment in cryptocurrency. It turned out that U.S.A can buy pizza, desserts and even real estate and cars for virtual money. You can also play in the computer club and pay legal advice with bitcoins. At the same time, there is officially no single opinion or document in U.S.A that would regulate transactions with cryptocurrencies.


Importance of understanding the essence of virtual moneyDespite the fact that U.S.A is among the top ten largest countries in the world by territory, on the map of the bitcoin community, it has not particularly shown itself yet. The situation on the bitcoin map from Google looks absolutely pitiable. Perhaps, U.S.A businessmen could not think about the need to mark themselves on this map. However, on the Coinmap cryptocurrency map, you can see more interesting indicators. Thanks to the activity of local enthusiasts, the situation begins to change gradually. CoinMap is developed on the basis of the free open-source world map OpenStreetMap – to make changes to it, indicating a new point on the map, anyone can.