Life Span of Hemp Oil: How To Properly Store Hemp Oil Products

Hemp oil is a renowned source of high-grade nutrient dense supplement that is used worldwide for multi holistic and medicinal proposes. Wondering how long will your Hemp oil last after production and purchase? Typically a freshly cold-pressed bottle of Hemp oil that hasn’t been exposed to oxygen and heat will last for up to 14 months when properly stored.


Keeping your Hemp oil in a cool dark place will extend its shelf life. Extended exposed to heat will cause a decrease in the effectiveness of the Hemp oil. Being mindful that oxidation decreases the lifespan of Hemp Oil over time. Knowing how to use Hemp Oil properly is key to getting the most benefit from each use, but also doesn’t have to be a daunting task. The use of Hemp oil should be treated like a common household food item. The method in which you store food is most important to its safe consumption, the same would apply to how to use Hemp Oil. There are many factors that will play into the lifespan of your fresh bottle of Hemp Oil. Keep reading to learn more about what these factors are and how to properly store your Hemp Oil product(s).


You may be tempted after using your fresh bottle of Hemp Oil to leave it on a countertop or recover it to a nearby cabinet. Is this ok? Room temperature is perfectly fine as well, for storing your Hemp oil product(s). Be mindful to keep it away from any direct sunlight exposure coming in through a nearby window. Too much UV light can damage the composition of the Hemp oil. This is why most UV light sensitive products come in dark containers for blocking out light exposure. Also, don’t forget about heated vents and ovens that could be around your home. The heat sources will begin to quickly change the quality of your Hemp Oil.

Life Span of Hemp Oil: How To Properly Store Hemp Oil Products


Early it was mentioned that prolonged exposure to air can cause your Hemp Oil products to start the degeneration process quickly. After every use, it is most beneficial to always tightly secure the cap back onto your Hemp oil product(s).

The best and safest place to store Hemp Oil is the refrigerator. It’s Cool, It’s Dark and preserves most food products for prolonged periods.