Tips to Get Your Solar Outdoor Lights to Work Properly


Outdoor solar lighting is still a relatively new concept, and you may be worried that your installation may not go as a smoothly as you would like. It is true – many people install outdoor solar lights only to complain afterwards that they are not giving out as much light as advertised. If you want a flawless installation and solar lights that will light up your outdoors perfectly use the following tips:

Buy outdoor solar lighting from the best

There are many companies that are selling outdoor solar lighting, and you may be tempted to buy from the one that sells them the cheapest. This is never a good idea. Most cheap solar lighting is made from substandard parts and it will not last. If you want proper lighting you should buy your lights from vendors that are known for their quality. Make sure that they have a good return policy and a warranty in place to protect you.

Get a professional to do the installation

There are many websites that make solar installation look simple. Unless you are an experienced DIY person it is not recommended that you try and install outdoor solar lighting yourself. You will be better off hiring a professional to do installation of all solar lights in your home. Find out what kind of a track record they have and make sure that you get a warranty for the work they do.

Make sure that your lights are facing the right direction

Your outdoor solar lights will only work properly if they are able to receive direct light from the sun for at least 8 hours a day (not heat, as some people assume). Calculating the angle of installation can be difficult especially if you are surrounded by lots of tall vegetation or if your home lies in a valley. If you are not sure what angle your lights should face you should find a solar installation expert and let him do the calculations.

Make sure that your posts have a proper foundation

If your outdoor solar light posts don’t have the proper ground support it will only be a matter of time before they start to lean towards the ground. There are two ways that you can tackle this problem. One is to install foundation stakes – you can have some made to match the lamp posts, and then make sure they go deep enough into the ground to provide proper support. The second, easier option is to ground the posts in concrete.

Use remote solar panels where they are needed

It will be impossible to position some of your outdoor lights in a way that they get maximum exposure during the day. For these, you should buy remote solar panels. These will be positioned in an area where they get lot of sunshine and then connected to the lights using cables.

Make sure that your lights are properly attached to the posts

Some outdoor solar lights come with the light firmly attached to the post, others don’t. If you buy a type that isn’t secured to the post you should also buy attachment braces to ensure that the lights stay in place.