Valve Modification

In a perfect globe of valve demand and supply, an end-user would be capable of buying any mixture of valve configurations from the distributor with only a few days notice. The generally-stocked standard trim valves would share shelf area with the most end-configured valves or most unusual trimmed. Anyway, in this globe of internationally procured commodity steel valves and just-in-time inventories, it is not a monetary viable choice. So, to meet the demand for these specials in America, the valve modification industry was made. KP-LOK tubing valves and fittings

Valve modification can be defined as including valve to commodity or standard valves. Generally, gate, check & ball valves, globe, by the installation of unique trims, end-connections, gaskets & packing, and other accessories or upgrades not provided on the real product.

Mod Shops

Today’s valve modification service supplier is very different from the valve shops of the 50s and 40s. Since the modification shop has to feedback fast, vertical integration is extremely vital to the full success of the shop. Walking via the doors of the top quality shops today, you will find CNC and manual machine tools, AutoCAD program, fluxed-core welding and submerged-arc, heat treatment furnaces of all sizes,  in-home nondestructive evaluation and complex testing facilities, all tied combine through sophisticated PC tracking systems. In-house engineering is vital, and welding and mechanical engineers are likely to be found in many of these shops as well.

Just what kinds of work are done in these facilities? Virtually any unique valve that is offered by an OEM can be made in the best trim-shops or mod-shops, as they are called in the Houston area. Here are some of the more general jobs  done regularly by United Valve, the best provider of valve modification services in the Houston area:

  • Raised face to RTJ ends
  • Bore schedule changes on BWE valves
  • Elastomer seating inserts
  • Cryogenic gas column fabrication
  • Unique packing & gaskets
  • Drain and bypass valve attachment
  • Fugitive emissions upgrades
  • Casting upgrade & repair
  • Gear and actuator installation
  • Cryogenic testing
  • Fugitive emissions testing

A case history

United Valve was done a modification for an OEM recently which features the modification process extremely well. After supplying cryogenic valves produced to OEM design specifications, it was found that the OEM design was not satisfactory to the end-user because of some extremely specific service needs that went above and beyond the standard item. Further, X-ray radiography procedures required to be developed to shoot the unusual configuration and yield a readable picture.

Valve Owner’s Survival Kit

All of the engineering jobs was done in-house, and the work proceeded on schedule. The fabrication job met all of the customer inspection needs and the NDE department done the radiography to the customer’s relaxation. The outcome was that a thorny issue was solved for both the end-user and the OEM, all because an authorized, qualified modification shop was accessible to do the work.

Valve modification shops offer a vital service to distributors, end-users, and OEMs. The OEM advantages by being capable of focussing on top manufacture items, rather than unique that generally slow assembly lines down. The distributor’s advantages by spending less cash stocking slow moving unique valves.